Powder Coat Color Selections

There are thousands of colors and combinations available from several very good powder supply companies. We regularly order from Powder Buy the Pound & Prismatic Powders for our standard colors.

Color choice is client's responsibility. If you are not happy with the color you selected on the end result there will be additional charges for us to perform more work.

If you are not sure about a color, ask us to spray a sample panel. Different supply companies have minimum order sizes for samples; check with those companies directly.

A deposit is required before we order special color powders, or you may order the powder yourself.

If we order the special color: pick out your desired powder colors, email us the supplier name, color name, top coat if any, and part number for those colors and then call to leave us a credit card deposit for the special order. Once we have placed the order it is non-refundable.


We are able to dismount, remount and balance tires. Prices listed on our Estimate page.
We are a TireRack.com recommended installer.

You may order & ship your tires directly to us to be installed on your freshly powered wheels.

Small Batch Powder Coating

Our process is labor intensive on individual items as opposed to large factory automated processes. One of the benefits is that we are able to coat single items without requiring a large minimum order.
We can powder coat most metal items* that can fit (length, width, and weight limits) on our equipment.

We encourage you to take photos with a measuring tape next to the item and email them to us for review to PrinceWheel@gmail.com

​*some metals such as magnesium or chrome plated items, will not be able to be powder coated. 

Special Order Powder Coat Colors
A variety of "standard" OEM colors are always in stock. Our price to recondition wheels and coat with special order colors is the regular price plus the special ordered powder color cost. This covers the cost of extra equipment and expenses associated with changing over to special colors.


  • Wheels $145.00 single stage +powder cost

  • Wheels $155.00 2-stage (base & topcoat) +powder cost

  • Wheels $175.00 CNC diamond cut face with powder coated pockets +powder cost

Multi-piece wheels, parts and misc items, email us photos for quote to PrinceWheel@gmail.com
Cost includes cosmetic repairs and regular masking of hub or lug nut areas.
Welding cracks or repairing bends are an additional cost, please call or email for quotes.
There is an additional cost for extensive or complicated masking (taping off areas for design).

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Prince Wheel Services


Normal prep work is included in the prices listed on our estimates page. This includes removing old finishes, repairing cosmetic damage, and pre-treatment wash. Exclusions are chrome, plastidip type finishes, detailed or delicate items, and items larger than a vehicle wheel.

We do not disassemble. All multi-piece wheels or parts must be disassembled prior to our work.

Items are prepped in a chemical bath and baked in an oven. All attachments or pieces that cannot go through this must be removed by the client prior to us receiving the item.

Please tell us if you know that your items have been ceramic coated so we can prep appropriately: no charge, it just helps our game plan!

We can remove Plastidip or similar coatings, but it will incur an additional cost due to the extra time and materials needed to remove the finish.

Chrome must be completely stripped off for powder to adhere. We cannot strip chrome.