Monroe Shop Services

Shop Refinishing
Call for quotes on sizes over 22"

1 stage powder coat – Flat, Matte, Satin    $160
2 stage – In-stock colors w/ clear top coat $175
3 stage – Chrome Shadow, Hypersilver    $200

CNC wheel faces  w/ clear top coat (glossy or flat)  $170
+ New Powder Coat in Pockets   +$35.00

   *see footnote for important info on CNC work

Frequently Requested In-Stock Colors
High Gloss Black Powder Coat $160
55% Gloss Rate (Satin Finish)  Black Powder Coat $160
20% Gloss Rate (Flat Finish) Black Powder Coat $160
Thundercloud with no top coat $160
Thundercloud with top coat $175
Mirror White $160

Most OEM Silvers $160-175

Add an additional coat of gloss clear acrylic or clear flat polyester $20

Crack or bend repair add-on   $60

Painted with liquid paint - starting at $175.00 plus

special order paint costs

Shop Bent Wheel Repair

Wheel Sizes up to 22"

Alloy up to -.150 $135
Alloy under -.300         $155
Alloy over -.300  $165

Chrome up to -.150     $145
Chrome under -.300    $165
Chrome over -.300      $175

Alloy or Chrome     +15 multiple bends
Alloy or Chrome     +$60 welding crack

Shop Tire Service

Tire Changer can handle sizes up to 32"
Hunter Roadforce Balancer - sizes up to 26", call for larger sizes

18” or smaller, no TPMS      $25.00 (1 step only $9.00)
18” or smaller, with TPMS    $30.00 (1 step only $10.00)
19” or largerer, no TPMS      $30.00 (1 step only $10.00)
19” or larger, with TPMS       $35.00 (1 step only $12.00)
Roadforce Balancing ONLY          $10.00

Tire Disposal                          $2.00 Recommended Installer

Miscellaneous Shop Services

Paint Work in Shop

Minor curb damage repairs - $100-160, send photos for evaluation

Painted center cap  

Car size: black, white, silver - $40

Dually, Chrome Shadow, Hypersilver -call 

Wheel Pinstriping, Hand Painted - quote by request.
Send a photo of your wheel & describe colors to the office email.

Cracked Wheel Welding – $95 – 1 crack , $145 - 2 cracks 

​Tires must be removed, no warranty on crack repairs.

Chrome Corrosion Repair - $70-120,

depending on the severity of the corrosion.

Tires must be removed

Custom work, 2-tone worK or rare wheels - call or email 

Footnotes on CNC work

  • CNC Lathe can handle most wheel sizes up to 22" depending on the wheel style, email photos for verification.
  • Syclone, Typhoon, GMC & Jeep Center Caps - call for quote
  • Severely corroded, classic or antique CNC wheels - call for quote & expectations
  •  Wheels with face bends or excessive missing material cannot be repaired in the lathe

Mobile Services

Please contact the mobile technician in your area directly. Text Photos to their mobile phone for a quote. & to schedule your appointment.

​​​Piedmont Triad 
W/S, Greensboro, High Point areas
336-254-7901 Blair

Mobile Cosmetic Repairs
Multiple wheels on same car discounted       
$95-$160 ea, some locations may require a service fee per visit

Mobile Bent Wheel Repair
$135-195 ea, Tires must be removed before we arrive. 

Price List

Estimates, quotes or prices are subject to change on inspection of the wheels or parts in-person.

All prices are "Per Wheel or Part" unless otherwise specified.

Please text or email photos for a quote to

Small Batch Powder Coating Service

Contact us for prices


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