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Monroe Shop Services

Shop Refinishing
Call for quotes on sizes over 22"

1 stage powder coat – Flat, Matte, Satin    $145
2 stage – In-stock colors w/ clear top coat $155
3 stage – Chrome Shadow, Hypersilver    $185

CNC wheel faces  w/ clear top coat (glossy or flat)  $155
+ New Powder Coat in Pockets   +$20.00

*CNC Lathe can handle most wheel sizes

up to 22" depending on the wheel style,

email photos for verification.

Frequently Requested In-Stock Colors
High Gloss Black Powder Coat $155
55% Gloss Rate (Satin Finish)  Black Powder Coat $145
20% Gloss Rate (Flat Finish) Black Powder Coat $145
Thundercloud with no top coat $145
Thundercloud with top coat $155
Mirror White $155

Sun Gold $155

Gunmetal Steel Pearl $155

Prismatic Walt's Gold $155

​Prismatic Poly Gold $155

Most OEM Silvers $145-155

Crack or bend repair add-on   $55

Painted with liquid paint - starting at $155.00 plus

special order paint costs

Shop Bent Wheel Repair

Wheel Sizes up to 22"

Alloy up to -.150 $130
Alloy under -.300         $150
Alloy over -.300  $160

Chrome up to -.150     $140
Chrome under -.300    $160
Chrome over -.300      $170

Alloy or Chrome     +10 multiple bends
Alloy or Chrome     +$55 welding crack

Shop Tire Service

Tire Changer can handle sizes up to 32"
Hunter Roadforce Balancer - sizes up to 26", call for larger sizes

18” or smaller, no TPMS      $25.00 (1 step only $9.00)
18” or smaller, with TPMS    $30.00 (1 step only $10.00)
19” or largerer, no TPMS      $30.00 (1 step only $10.00)
19” or larger, with TPMS       $35.00 (1 step only $12.00)
Roadforce Balancing ONLY          $10.00

Tire Disposal                          $2.00

TireRack.com Recommended Installer

Miscellaneous Shop Services

Paint Work

Minor curb damage repairs - $85-120, send photos for evaluation

Center cap   $30

Wheel Pinstriping, Hand Painted - quote by request.
Send a photo of your wheel 
and what color you want to the office email.

Cracked Wheel Welding – $90 – 1 crack , $140 - 2 cracks 

​Tires must be removed

Chrome Corrosion Repair - $50-90,

depending on the severity of the corrosion.

Tires must be removed

Mobile Services

Please contact the mobile technician in your area directly. Text Photos to their mobile phone for a quote. & to schedule your appointment.

Raleigh/Durham & Surrounding Areas
919-538-1457 Devon

​​​Charlotte & Surrounding Areas
704-577-6412 Keith

Piedmont Triad 
W/S, Greensboro, High Point areas
336-254-7901 Blair

Mobile Cosmetic Repairs
Multiple wheels on same car discounted       
$85-$150 ea, some locations may require a service fee per visit

Mobile Bent Wheel Repair
$130-180 ea, Tires must be removed before we arrive. 

Price List

Estimates, quotes or prices are subject to change on inspection of the wheels or parts in-person.

All prices are "Per Wheel or Part" unless otherwise specified.

Please text or email photos for a quote to PrinceWheel@gmail.com

Small Batch Powder Coating Service

Contact us for prices

Prince Wheel Services