Prince Wheel Services


1398 Walkup Ave Monroe NC 28110 US
The majority or our clientele is comprised of automotive dealerships and their patrons. Our mobile service technicians make regularly scheduled visits to dealerships on their route as well as scheduled appointments and emergency service calls.
Retail work is welcome and we can often schedule an appointment to complete your repairs at your home or work location. Alternatively, call your dealership service department to schedule the repair to be done while your vehicle is in for other service work. paragraph here.


With our mobile wheel straightening trucks, we can often get your bent wheel repaired at a location that is convenient for you. The tire will need to be dismounted prior to our technician arriving, but once there, most wheels are straightened in about 30 minutes.

In many cases bent wheels can be repaired the same day if we are called before noon.

  • Wheels should be examined for cracks, when possible, prior to calling for an appointment.
  • Not all bent wheels can be straightened. Some are twisted, some are so severe they may crack during the straightening process, and bends on the face side of the wheel are very often not repairable.
  • Steel wheels are not being straightened at this time, only alloys. Most steel wheels are able to be replaced for less than the cost of repair.​


​Most curb damage can be repaired quickly and efficiently without disabling or "jacking up" the vehicle.

This is a great option for minor curb damage repair. Whether it is an eyesore for you, concern about a lease vehicle that is about to be turned in, or hoping not to let a spouse or friend see what you did while driving their car. Most repairs are completed in less than an hour per wheel and are accomplished with the wheel and tire still on the vehicle. 

Prince Wheel Services was the first company to offer mobile cosmetic rim reconditioning on the East Coast. We have employees throughout North Carolina and select areas of South Carolina including:

CHARLOTTE                        WINSTON SALEM

ROCK HILL                          GREENSBORO

MONROE                             CONCORD